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About WeLike, LLC

WeLike, LLC is a web and mobile product development company that focuses on developing solutions for the never ending evolution of consumer taste and recommendations. We are concerned with the fact that there are often hundreds of choices for any given product segment, and this forces consumers to apply the "try and buy" method of determining which products they will receive the most satisfaction from. Our first goal is to help consumers keep track of what products they've tried, followed by a second goal of accurately recommending products that they will enjoy.

To accomplish this, we are building a proprietary recommendation engine that uniquely monitors and recommends products that consumers will prefer, and is coupled with a variety of genre-focused lifestyle applications for mobile devices and the web.

At our very core, some values that are important and vital to us are:

  • build quality and entertaining products
  • responsible and ethical partnerships and employment
  • leave the world a better place than we found it
  • provide a healthy work/life balance

These values represent who we are, what we create, and how we go about creating products that we are proud to unleash on the world.